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Olympia Pop Rocks

OPR is a podcast about the art, comedy, music and culture of Olympia Washington.  Join us and our guests every other week for the fun and nonsense happening in Washington's capitol!

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OPR# 024: Hannah Eklund & The Force Awakens

Oly PopRocks

In episode #24 of Olympia Pop Rocks, we interview Hannah Eklund, director of the play Circle Mirror Transformation. It opens February 5th at The Olympia Little Theater. Follow the button link below for more information and to buy tickets. We talk about the play, how Olympia has (or has not) changed since this local has grown up as well as revealing who is "on notice". Also, we finish up the Star Wars Virgin Series for one last listen to Doc Hollywood to get his and our impression of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

OPR #021 Shannon Reagan & Star Wars Virgin Part III

Oly PopRocks

Olympia Pop Rocks interviews puppet maker and author Shannon L. Reagan. Fairly new to Olympia, she discusses what the city has to offer and how it CHANGED HER LIFE! Duh, we also talk about puppets and her writing. Also, we finish up our three part series of Star Wars Virgin by watching and discussing The Return Of The Jedi with Doc Hollywood.

OPR #020 Chase Roper

Oly PopRocks

This episode we have an extra long interview with comedian Chase Roper with no introduction talk by "The Guys"! Chase is an active player in the Olympia scene, putting on shows and performing himself. We talked to him about his shitty year. It sucks, but he's a winner.

OPR #018 Bracken Basement Productions & Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Oly PopRocks

We interview Ian and Tori Bracken, the married couple behind Bracken Basement Productions, an Olympian indie horror film company. They recently released two super professional looking shorts and are hosting the All Freakin’ Night event, The Capitol Theater's yearly over night horror film festival/party. They talked to us about film making, Olympia and the pros/cons of color grading. Also, it was recently both Guire and Jemmy Joe's birthday. We discuss that.