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OPR Blog Post: Lacey Library Show Review

Olympia Pop Rocks

OPR is a podcast about the art, comedy, music and culture of Olympia Washington.  Join us and our guests every other week for the fun and nonsense happening in Washington's capitol!

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OPR Blog Post: Lacey Library Show Review

Oly PopRocks

Last night I had the pleasure of attending one of Kelsey Smith's bookings of musical shows at The Lacey Timberland Library. Kelsey is a librarian who has booked shows at local libraries for years now. You can hear our interview with her at a link at the bottom of this blog post.

Two folk duos performed. Lucy and The Moon are a new group consisting of two teenager singers performing half original material and half Tin Pan Alley standards. It is no small compliment when I say that without the introduction of the tunes, you would not be able to tell which was a classical jazz song and which was original tune. The two girls sing perfectly with each and their voices fit the material. You can only see the potential for the future of the act. I wish I was as good at ANYTHING when so young.

Headlining the show are friends of the podcast, Joe Capoccia and Kendl Winter. The two have played in many groups together over the years. Each has their own main project now; Joe leading The Pine Hearts and Kendl being half of The Lowest Pair. But the two have over a decade of experience back each other up musically and it shows when they trade through their songs. They showed new material as well as playing songs that those following either of them would recognize and love. Yes, they played "the hits". They sounded amazing. Both have been guests on the podcast before and will be performing at the yearly local folk festival, The Steamboat Stringband Jamboree. Click the link below to see more about that great event.