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OPR Mixtape #001: Electronic Pop

Olympia Pop Rocks

OPR is a podcast about the art, comedy, music and culture of Olympia Washington.  Join us and our guests every other week for the fun and nonsense happening in Washington's capitol!

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OPR Mixtape #001: Electronic Pop

Oly PopRocks

opr mixtape #001



Welcome to OPR Mixtape #1!  There is so much great music being made in Olympia right now-it is pretty amazing.  We want to help spread the word about some of the musical gems in the form of a mixtape.  These mixtapes will come out about every three months.  Each OPR Mixtape will be curated by a different Olympia music enthusiast and will focus loosely on a particular genre of music.

This first mix was curated by our own Guire McGuire and features some of Olympia's best electronic pop music.  Seven artist/groups.  Two songs per artist/group.

We would like to thank all of the participating artists/groups for their contributions!  Included below are links where you can find more information about each artist/group.  If you like what you hear, check out and support these amazing musicians!


1 & 2 - BayBay LeRude - "Shattered" & "Lonely 1"

3 & 4 - xOhNo - "Castaspella" & "Leave it Behind"

5 & 6 - C.C. DUST - "Mutiny" & "Abra"

7 & 8 - Sweetmeat - "Anchors and Arrows" & "Heads Rolls"

9 & 10 - GarlicMan&Chikn - "SAM UNTITLED" & "Rootsy"

11 & 12 - Trans FX - "Fugue 7" & "If I'm Losing You (ReMix)"

13 & 14 - Cosmic Highness - "Suspended Animation" & "No Way Out"